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Built-In Speakers or Free-Standing Speakers…Which is Best for You?

It’s time to upgrade your home audio system and there are some decisions to be made. If you are deciding between installing built-in speakers or having a different type of speaker you may have some questions about the installation process. Many homeowners in the Boise area are unsure how to wire their sound systems and often turn to companies like Audio Video Systems to install their whole house audio or home theater system.

Built-in audio adds a whole new level to your surround sound experience. It also eliminates the clutter of bookshelf speakers or floor stands for speakers. The speaker grills can be painted to help them blend into your home more seamlessly. There are some points to be considered before installing, but overall the built-in speakers are superior in a variety of ways.

The process of installing in-ceiling speakers can be a bit challenging especially if attic access is limited. Some people choose in-wall installation but the in-ceiling option is generally preferred due to the aesthetic benefits. The experts at Audio Video Systems are happy to go over all the different benefits and drawbacks of the options to help make the best choice for your home.

Should you decide to move forward with your project there are several steps to consider. The first step in the installation process is to clear the space around the general area where you will be installing. You may also want to remove any breakable items and cover areas where drywall dust may fall.

Next, you’ll need to plan for the specific location for the speaker locations. You will want to consider the best placement for a surround sound system and think about where you may want additional speakers for a “whole house” sound system. It’s easy to see why professional help is often the best choice. There’s a lot of planning involved. If using pros, the installation crew will then make careful work of running the wires to keep your system working well and working safely in the future.

Finally, the speakers will be installed and connected to a central sound system. After the installation is complete, the system will need to be properly adjusted for maximum efficiency. The speakers often need to be configured for the best listening experience and programmed so that different speakers work for different options like surround sound for movies, sporting events, or music.

Now that everything is properly installed and configured, it’s time to enjoy your new sound system!


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