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Why CCTV systems and Security Cameras Make Sense!

Rich Carden

Security Cameras Protect Boise Homes and Businesses

Security cameras play a significant role in deterring crime in all areas of our community. From commercial uses to residential security, having the ability to see and record suspicious activity makes a real difference when it comes to protecting our person and property.

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Three Reasons to Automate Your Home Today!

Rich Carden

Home Automation For Your Boise Home

Home automation is becoming more popular with each passing day. You may wonder if home automation is right for you. In many cases, homeowners can benefit in one way or another by automating some of the functions within their homes. Here are a few reasons to consider bringing additional technology into your home!

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Built-In Speakers or Free-Standing Speakers…Which is Best for You?

Rich Carden

It’s time to upgrade your home audio system and there are some decisions to be made. If you are deciding between installing built-in speakers or having a different type of speaker you may have some questions about the installation process. Many homeowners in the Boise area are unsure how to wire their sound systems and often turn to companies like Audio Video Systems to install their whole house audio or home theater system.