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Why CCTV systems and Security Cameras Make Sense!

Security Cameras Protect Boise Homes and Businesses

Security cameras play a significant role in deterring crime in all areas of our community. From commercial uses to residential security, having the ability to see and record suspicious activity makes a real difference when it comes to protecting our person and property.

Robberies are one area that CCTV systems help deter. If you find your store or home has been robbed when no one was there, a security camera is a great way to obtain evidence about who may have been responsible for the crime. It can also help with shoplifting or robberies during the day. There is a trend in the Boise area of packages being stolen that have been left on doorways. Having photographic or video evidence of crimes against you is an ideal option for helping the police find the responsible party and potentially retrieve your stolen goods. CCTV video recording systems are a great theft prevention tool as well. Many criminals will avoid businesses or homes with obvious camera systems. Camera systems help to create a safer environment. Residents, employees and customers feel safer with camera systems.

In the case of a commercial use, camera systems also help to create a more productive environment. When employees are aware that they are being monitored over video systems they are more productive. It is like the boss is always in the room!

New CCTV systems offer higher quality videos. The enhanced image quality and digital recording allow more data to be stored and the images can more clearly show faces, license plates and other important information. The newer systems also allow for quicker scanning because of the digital recording. They allow you to search specific times easier and allow you to scan the video in less time.

In another commercial use, theft prevention allows a retail store to keep their prices low. Minimizing losses means they do not have to raise prices to cover the cost of stolen goods. Retailers can also protect themselves against fraudulent slip and fall cases, another money saving benefit! By showing that the store was not negligent they can save themselves legal damages and other expenses.

Choosing to install a CCTV system in your home or commercial space is a smart choice and can easily pay for itself by protecting your family, employees, eliminating stolen goods and keeping employees productive. A CCTV expert can help design the perfect system for your needs based on how much space you need to cover, how long you will store data and other factors. If you live in the Boise, Meridian, or Nampa area, contact Audio Video Systems to schedule a site visit today. Our team of experts will design a plan to help put your mind at ease!


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